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Would you like to practice Spanish with your child at home? Have fun at home with Viva el Espaņol and other activities available here.

Click here to download material for Summer Activities 2010.

Home Connections

Each lesson in the ESP curriculum, Viva el Espaņol, covers 3 classes. Each lesson is reinforced by a Home Connection page. Home Connections are fun activities for parents and students to review what is taught in ESP classes. During your child's year in ESP, he/she will learn vocabulary and dialogues which will be covered in 12-13 Home Connections. Instructions are in English. The Auditory 1 + 2 classes use System A. Reading & Writing and Spanish Literature classes use System B. System C will be added in 2009-2010.

To view and print the Home Connections pages, you must have Adobe Reader® installed:
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Select the Home Connections pages for your child's class:

  • System A [PDF] - Auditory 1 + 2
  • System B [PDF] - Reading & Writing, Spanish Literature

Other Activities

You can play songs from our Spanish Song CD, and print out the Song Booklet that includes both Spanish lyrics and their English translation. Then, you can get a complete list of Spanish Games with descriptions to play with your child. All games are designed to be created with simple materials and will be learner directed, so that the parent does not need to know much, if any Spanish. Also try out the Riddles and Tongue Twisters!

Next, you can go to Vocabulary Lists. Click on the curriculum level and you will get a complete list of vocabulary sheets for the given level. The Vocabulary List will feature not only the words written in Spanish, but there will also be a phonetic spelling and an English translation.

Also, try these: Spanish alphabet Pronunciation guide, Basic Spanish Verb Conjugation Guide, Cook with your child at home (with culturally relevant recipes), a section about Famous Hispanics, and Dichos = Spanish Sayings.

We hope you will enjoy it all and that studying at home with your child will be fun and beneficial not only to your child but also to you, as a parent. If you have any comments, suggestions for additions, any recipes or fun facts you think other parents or students might like, please email us at kidsspeakspanish@juno.com.


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